Gregory Snelgar

Gregory Snelgar

Writer at Altcoin Magazine and CMO for the Arium 2.0 ICO.

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Hi I'm Gregory Snelgar, staff writer at Altcoin Magazine and cryptoeconomic analyst for the Arium 2.0 decentralized e-commerce project at Special and Pleasant PTE LTD. I graduated from Auckland University with a degree in macroeconomic theory and international finance. I pursued independent programming studies since I was 8 years old and I am proficient in the BASIC programming language. From 2001 I have studied and participated in decentralized product distribution networks such as BitTorrent. I have been interested in cryptography and the social implications of blockchain technology since the Bitcoin whitepaper was released in 2008. I am a published author on topics ranging from quantum mechanics to comparative sociology, and I am currently writing a book on cryptoeconomics titled "Blockchain and You". Currently working on the arium 2.0 platform, a decentralized app for the Ethereum network that enables automatic and free international e-commerce.

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