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Mr. Viesturs Tamuzs is the Managing Partner and Chairman of the Council at Eko Investors AS and First Eko Fund, L.P. Mr. Tamuzs participated in Eko Investors as a Board Member until 2006, then becoming the Chairperson of the Board of the firm. From 1996 to 2000, he headed the Latvia branch of 'Stora Enso Packaging', in the later years also managing Lithuania and Estonia branches as a Director. He held a Director’s position in the company’s Lithuanian and Estonian operations. In 2002, Mr. Tamuzs was among the Founders of the Association of Public-Private Partnership and served on its Board until 2006, when he became the Board Chairman. Mr. Tamuzs worked for the Ministry of Industry and Energy in early 1990's, later becoming a commercial entrepreneur on turning to private business. He, with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, co-founded Risk Capital Association and Venture Capital Association of Latvia in 2003, and had served as a Board Member of the association ever since having been elected the Chairman in 2007. He serves as a Director of Joint Stock Company Eco Baltia. Mr. Tamuzs was named the most successful businessman in Latvia by the business paper 'Dienas Bizness' 1997 survey. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Chemistry Faculty of University of Latvia, where he also pursued academic work as a researcher and faculty member.

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