Decentralized Peer-to-peer Marketplace
   United Kingdom

AllSporter is a marketplace for sports enthusiasts, letting its members' book training or rent equipment in a peer-to-peer model. AllSporter gives all users the possibility to share their sports gear, skills or data and earn by doing so, in a decentralized and secure way. Thanks to aggregated supply and demand, community members have instant access to a wide range of sports equipment and training all around the world, based on proximity, ratings, experience, their own sports activity, and best price. By using blockchain, users can pay for services, earn points and get rewarded for providing specific products, services or activities and health data. This will be a springboard for future growth of the AllSporter application.

Team Members

Michał Polanowski

Founder & CEO

Adrian Holota

CTO & DEV Team Leader

Piotr Lodzinski


Mateusz Pniewski

Blockchain Expert

James Lee

Asia Representative

Przemyslaw Rzad

Blockchain Developer

Jan Radzikowski

Data Scientist

Michal Majewski

UX / UI Designer

Iwona Smieszna

Office Operations

Pawel Urbaniak

Product Manager

Wiktor Wiszorowski

Project Manager

Bartosz Ciacka


Aleksander Partyga


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