Emusic Blockchain Project

Redefining Music Distribution Through Blockchain

Thier mission is to bring to life eMusic’s values of fair pay and rewards for fans, artists, and music services by rebuilding the fundamental music distribution infrastructure. We aim to create and promote balance, transparency and efficiency: 1) An enhanced eMusic experience with complementary features enabled by Blockchain efficiencies: more music, more features, and better pricing for the music our users love. 2) A fully transparent music publishing system that can be used by any producer or creator of music - from unencumbered individual artists right up to major labels with 1,000s of artists on their roster. 3) A frictionless method for music retailers and streaming services to enter into direct, profitable agreements with existing content providers. 4) A set of tools for managing music royalties and rights holders that provides instant access to funds and the flexibility to redistribute rights. 5) Seamless integration of a re-shaped music industry that requires no change to listening habits for music fans, whether they stream their music or download it to own.

Team Members

Tamir Koch


Michael Juskiewicz


Matt Downing


Nir Peled


Matt Robinson

AVP Product

Bryan Farevaag

Creative Director

Lara Peterson

AVP Marketing

Ori Erez

Blockchain Expert

Ram Avissar

Community Expert

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