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Sendy is a fundamental transformation of email marketing through decentralisation and incentive alignment. Their core mission is to redistribute email marketing value by placing an ascribed worth on subscribers' attention. Through a platform agnostic API, Sendy improves engagement rates for email marketers by rewarding subscribers through assigning micro payments to their email interactions. As a subscriber, you get paid for your attention and by placing a real value on your interactions, email marketers are incentivized to improve the quality of their campaigns leading to less spam and more emails you want to receive. It's like Brave/BAT for Email.

Team Members

George Hartley

CEO / Co-Founder

Philip Slusarski

CFO / Co-Founder

Audrius Brazauskas

CTO / Co-Founder

Joshua Reyes

CMO / Co-Founder

Marcos Teixeira

Senior Developer

Isaac Bell

Senior Developer

Maria Famador


Deivydas Ziziliauskas


Marius Pakalnis

Junior Developer

Aidas Vaitkevicius

Junior Developer

Nicolas Vibert

Customer Success

Aaron Wiseman

Marketing Executive

Mars El-Bourgrini

UX Designer

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