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We exactly know where is your potential for improvement. Work along with our professionals that will take care for all ICO stages - graphics, technical, legal, and marketing support.

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    • ICO should always be ready and up to date with legal novelties. Our legal professionals will make sure of that.
    • Legal white paper review
    • Token purchase agreement
    • Terms of use & Privacy policy
    • ICO should have support. We will find just the right professionals to fit your profile and project.
    • Advisory board
    • Team & founder profile improvement
    • ICO should be visible. Our event professionals will make sure you are under the right spotlight in speaking to the right audience.
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Participating opportunities
    • Finding speakers or speaking bootcamp
    • Sponsorship
    • ICO should be presented. Our PR professionals will build trust and present your project just the right way.
    • Generating news opportunity
    • Press releases
    • Work with negatives
    • Community trust outreach
    • Paid articles
    • ICO should target the right audience. Our advertising professionals will make sure your project will reach just the right people.
    • PPC
    • Banner Ads
    • Social media Ads
    • Video Ads
    • CPA network offer
  • ICO should just work and also be presented transparently to attain trust and show stability. Our technical professionals will take care of that.
  • White paper improvements
  • One pager (ICO summary)
  • Analytical review
  • Bounty program
  • GitHub
  • Full analytical report
  • Smart contract
  • Smart contract management system
  • Token building platform
  • Full technical support during ICO
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Token emission on ETH, WAVES
  • API backoffice platform for ICO
  • Custom development based on Ethereum blockchain

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